Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week Four Finds Leo Stubborn

It was good to be home for the weekend.  Leo is happiest there.  We went swimming.  Had a fun family picnic, which included fishing.  And went swimming again.  The weekends are too short.

Today, Leo did fabulous until the second to last session.  Leo probably got about 6 ounces in over 8 sessions.  I did one session and I got the record of a little less then one ounce in during the 12 minute session.  Leo and I were both covered in pedia sure, but we got it in.  Neatness was not our goal. Leo's swallow was better today.  

The second to last session, the head doctor who is over seeing Leo's program did a feed. He is kinda like the "Principle" here.  Leo was a beast and stubborn.  He fought Dr. Keith.  The timer went off and Leo needed to finish his swallow.  Short story is it took Leo an additional 15 minutes to finish that last swallow.  It was a stand off between Leo and Dr. Keith.  Dr. Keith won and Leo eventually swallowed, but oh, my, can my boy be stubborn when he wants to.

Our big, mountain moving totally unrealistic only God could do prayer for this week- for Leo to drink 8 ounces in one session. He currently isn't even doing 8 ounces over 8 sessions so this is a huge prayer. We need Leo's volume to increase in order to decrease or get rid of his tube feedings.  Please pray with us. 
Leo's new birthday swing
Brothers.  Happy to be spending the weekend together.

Leo is apparently very good at t ball.

Memorial Day Fun

Leo loved fishing!

My handsome son.

Ben caught the first fish!

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