Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trying to NOT let Stubborn WIN!

Leo can turn on the timer.
Leo can lean back.
Leo can open his mouth.
Leo can lay his tongue flat.
Leo CAN swallow!
Leo will even let out a happy sound when he hears the ending timer beep.
Leo can turn off the timer.

But.... Leo sees no point to any of this!  He is still fighting us during at least part of each feed.  Waving and pushing the spoon away.  Pulling back.  Crying.

The last obstacle we need to overcome is Leo's will.  Leo needs to stop fighting the process and become a willing participant.  Today, Leo took about an ounce during each session for a total of 8.5 ounces over the 9 sessions. (The last session was a wash as Leo fought the entire time) This is huge and an answer to prayer.  This is the most Leo has swallowed in his entire life!  Leo's swallow has become more immediate and automatic.  His swallow is getting stronger. The only way Leo is going to finish strong and be able to increase his volume is if he stops fighting the process.

We would really appreciate it if you could pray with us for Leo to cooperate tomorrow.  God can do this.

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