Thursday, May 21, 2015

friends who help

Sacrifices have been made.  Ben turned 10 on Wednesday.  Amanda has had 2 school concerts. Daily interactions are not the same when done through skype or phone.  The hardest part of feeding camp has not been the actual daily program, but rather the separation from family. Missing events happening at home. It has been hard being separated.  It is hard to go home on the weekend and just jump back into daily life.

I am thankful for those who have come along side of us helping to ease the burden.  Mom-mom basically moving in and keeping the house and kids in order.  Friends delivering meals so that mom-mom has one less thing to do.  Texts, cards and flowers all being delivered on extra hard days. They are such an encouragement to me, a reminder that I am not alone.  Special play dates arranged with special friends to give mom-mom a needed break.  We have been reminded over and over again the last 3 weeks that we are not alone.  We are surrounded by friends and family who will do hard with us.  We are so thankful for the big prayers and those cheering Leo on.  We could not do this without all of you who have deliberately surrounded us and are walking this journey with us.  God has without a doubt blessed us.

Today Leo took in about 3 ounces over 9 sessions.  It was observed that his lip closure was more immediate and deliberatetoday. A definite answer to prayer.  Our biggest obstacle still seems to be endurance and volume.  Please continue to pray specifically that Leo will be able to drink about 1 cup of formula in a sitting.  This seems impossible, but ALL things are possible with God!

We have program all day tomorrow but will be heading home for the weekend and will of course need to do sessions while at home.

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