Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Nothing has ever been easy with Leo. Leo has always done things on his timetable. Not mine. Not the doctors. Not the therapists. 

I started this intensive feeding camp feeling overly optimistic. Optimistic that we would leave 5 weeks later eating orally and not needing the g tube.  Now we are 3 weeks in and Leo is averaging about 3 ounces a day over about 8 feeding sessions.  He has had a high of 6 ounces one day.  This is discouraging to me.  Leo is working so hard and is trying so hard to cooperate and swallow.
I have come to the end of myself and my abilities.  Leo is getting the best treatment where we are and yet this is going to need to be a God thing.  In being realistic, Leo has made great progress, but in my human eyes and the expert opinion of the therapists we could go home only having replaced one of his 5 feeds with an oral meal.  I need to be ok with this, but I also need to continue to have faith that my God is bigger then all of this and He can open Leo's mouth and coordinate his swallow. God alone can increase Leo's intake volume.  

Will you pray big prayers for and with me?  Praying that Leo will cooperate.  This is hard work for him.  Pray that his swallow will become automatic and that he will increase his intake.  

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