Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Groundhog Day!

Not much going on today.  Leo actually took in less volume today. Yesterday, Leo was drinking formula off a spoon. Today, we did bite of baby food, drink of formula, then play with a toy. Repeat.  Leo is not yet consuming the baby food in any sort of volume.  So his overall total was less for today.

It feels like Groundhog Day here.  We do the same thing everyday.  Looking forward to going home for a quick visit in 2 days.

Prayer Request:  Leo started with a bad cold today.  He is snotty and congested.  This makes eating and even wanting to eat more difficult.  Please pray he sleeps tonight and that he wakes up less congested.  Please also continue to pray that Leo's swallow becomes more coordinated and that he consumes more liquid and food.

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