Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baby steps.

Day 3- a repeat of yesterday.  10 feeding sessions.  Leo is a trooper and so forgiving.  He will get angry when a feed is going on if he doesn't want to cooperate, but as soon as he is down out of the chair he is smiling and blowing kisses.  We had a rough session and I decided we needed a daddy fix. So we called Jeremy and he was able to skype with us.  Leo loved skyping but was sad as soon as daddy was no longer in the computer. 

We were able to skype with everyone tonight and Leo loved seeing everyone in the computer.

Tonight we had Bailey and Bo visit.
Pet Therapy is great for both of us.

Learning to eat is hard work.  It is slow work.  We are still working on swallowing.  Please continue to pray that Leo's swallow becomes automatic when food is placed in his mouth and also that he keeps pooping!

 "Eating" cake at the Ronald McDonald House.

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