Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 2- A Little Better and a Pinata

Today went a little smoother.  Leo had 10 feeding sessions.  We are still alternating using a spoon with formula and a nook brush with baby food. They are gathering data to see which way will be the best way to proceed with Leo.  

Today, Leo did seem to understand a little better what was expected of him.  He did open his mouth when asked quite a few times.  He was also understanding a bit better that when the timer went off that he was done for that session. We are still working on swallowing.  It is still not automatic, but less food is coming out with each attempt.  Once he starts automatically swallowing when food is in his mouth, we can move onto the next step.

naptime today- learning to eat is hard work
 The hardest part for both Leo and I is missing everyone.  Today a brother and sister came into the clinic.  They were about Tyler and Amanda's ages.  Leo went over and interacted with them.  He handed them toys expecting them to play with him.  Thankfully, they were good sports and played some with him.  He misses his siblings and so do I.   

Tonight, dinner at the Ronald McDonald House was provided by a church group. Their meal was a celebration of Cinco De Mayo. Mexican food, Mexican music,decorations and a pinata for the kids Let's just say they think Leo really like Reeses peanut butter cups.  

Toby, the therapy dog, came for a visit tonight.  Toby didn't even sniff or try and get any of the candy the kids were carrying around.  Leo is really enjoying the dogs and they are great with and for the kids.  

Leo is asleep and I am headed that way.  Tomorrow we do it all over again.  

Prayer Requests: That Leo keeps pooping (changes to his diet affect his bowels) and that Leo begins automatically swallowing tomorrow when food is placed in his mouth.  

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