Thursday, May 7, 2015

80 cc's

80 cc's or almost 3 ounces is how much Leo drank today over the course of 10 feeding sessions.  This is huge for him!  Miss Whitney and Miss Kathy (his feeding therapists) were thrilled with his progress today.  The swallow still needs to become more automatic and eventually Leo initiated, but for now we will celebrate Leo's  80 cc's.  

Tonight at the Ronald McDonald House it was crazy there were 4 dogs and 2 cats.  A lot of pet therapy was happening.  Leo LOVED all of the dogs and even petted the cats.  

We have one more day of therapy this week and then we get to head home for a short visit.  We will return to the Ronald McDonald House on Sunday night so that we are ready to begin week 2 on Monday morning.  

Rumor has it that we will be given homework to do on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for praying.  God is answering.  Please continue to pray for us tomorrow as we have to complete our 10 sessions before we can head home.  Pray that Leo's swallow continues to improve and that he keeps on pooping.  Pray also for God's protection on Leo's airway, the more he drinks/eats the greater at risk he is of aspirating until he becomes proficient at it..  Please also pray for me as I drive home tomorrow night and then return Sunday night.

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