Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Living Life or Writing Life

Leo working with his vision therapist.

There is always a choice to be made between living life or spending time writing about life.  Life has just been so busy lately that writing has taken a back seat to living. 
Do you mind, mom, I am trying to read my book! 

I am trying on a daily basis to have Leo use his walker.  This doesn't sound like it should be a big time, consuming thing but it really can be.  First you have to get his sure steps and shoes on, then find the walker, then clear a space to walk or give up on picking up a million Legos and just go outside to walk.  Leo is doing a fantastic job when we use the walker.  

Today, I was feeling especially brave so on our way home from Amanda's violin lesson we stopped at CVS and the Dollar Store.  Leo used his walker in both stores including the walk from the parking lot to the store (traffic was minimal).  He did great although he did feel the need to stop and greet every lady that went "ahh".  He also attempted to stop and shoplift several times, but I did make sure all items were either paid for or returned.   Jeremy just so happened to call while we were in the Dollar Store to let me know he needed to work late, so I instructed Jordan to pick up an extra pack of peanut butter cups to help get me through.  

Life is also just full with homeschooling 5 kids.  The boys like to start early so by 7:30 I am sure to be teaching someone math or spelling.  Leo actually enjoys schooling time as we walks around the table holding on and pulling papers, books and pencils off.  He thinks it is great fun to grab school papers and tear them up.  

This week we also needed to make time for Cupcake Wars as Amanda challenged Tyler and Jordan to a cupcake war.  She supervised the boys baking and then proceeded to bake her own cupcakes.  I totally forgot to get a picture of the finished product but I have been told a rematch has been scheduled for next week. 
 Jordan the Baker
 The Cupcake Queen!
The Taste Testers

Yesterday, cupcake wars just happened to be occurring as one of the therapists was here.  Thankfully she also has a lot of kids so was not bothered by the commotion in the kitchen.  In thinking out loud to her, I said- 10 years ago there is no way I would have let the kids make two different set of cupcakes in my kitchen without me supervising.  I must be getting old.  I think the reality is that I am realizing what is really important.  The sibling bonding that occurred between Amanda and her brothers was totally worth the cost of some chocolate icing on my cupboards.  To her credit, Amanda did do a great job cleaning everything up.  

We just so happened to have a surprise special guest with us for dinner last night.  I am hoping to find time to write about that visit- hopefully tomorrow.