Friday, May 22, 2015

Big Prayers, Big Answers

Things began to change on Wednesday.  Big prayers were being said and answered.  On Wednesday, Leo began having quite a few deliberate and immediate swallows.  Yesterday, we saw even more swallows.  Today, Leo had a near perfect session with no fighting or defensiveness and a bonus of immediate and deliberate swallows.  Four out of Leo's Eight sessions were perfection.  He was so cooperative.  The other four were still a step above other days, Leo just asserted his will and was feisty during them.

Bottom line- three weeks into this journey, Leo can now swallow.  Leo is learning what it means to swallow and his swallow has become deliberate and faster.

The next goal is to increase volume.  In order to decrease his g tube feeds we need to increase the amount taken by mouth.  It is now Friday night and we are headed home tomorrow morning.  The balancing act will be getting at least 5 feeds in each day we are home, which means we need to stay home or close to home to have them happen.  We will return Monday night and start week 4 on Tuesday.

Please continue to pray big prayers for Leo.  Specifically praying that we remain focused and have productive sessions at home.  Pray that Leo increases his intake.  Also, prayers for poop would be appreciated and also for Leo and I as we travel.  I am tired and emotionally spent.

God is answering.  Thank you for praying and being a part of Leo's eating journey.

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