Friday, June 17, 2011

I survived lunch making but Micheal's did me in!

I spent the morning on the phone scheduling appointments for Leo. As of now, he has an appointment scheduled with our pediatrician, who we are switching him to, an appointment with a general surgeon, to be evaluated for a g tube, a hearing test appointment, an appointment with the feeding clinic and an appointment with an ENT. Thankfully, all of the appointments are spread out so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Last night, we had our last visit with his current pediatrician. She was very pleased with his 1 pound weight gain and shared past history information and recommendations with us. I think we are on the right track or at least headed in the right direction.

I then began feeding Leo at 11:15 with his bottle and then transferred him to tube feeding and decided it was time to make lunch. In the coarse of an hour, Emma stole a sandwich, I dropped the vita mix filled with smoothie stuff which spilled under the frig, I then discovered the front panel does come off the frig and discovered years of gross, icky stuff, cleaned up the gross, icky stuff so we could walk and Emma would stop licking the floor. Leo decided he wanted to be held in the middle of all of this and so I recruited Amanda to do that. Finished making lunches and finally sat to eat. Thankfully, most lunches aren't so tiring.

I am hoping for a quiet afternoon.

So much for a quiet afternoon, we all piled into the big van and went up to Micheal's Crafts. In the check out I encountered the most ignorant cashier ever! She had the nerve to ask in front of all my children (who for the record were actually behaving and waiting patiently by my side) if they were foster children. I replied, no and she insisted they had to be foster children, they couldn't all be mine. Let me tell you, she got my mamma bear blood boiling and we will just suffice it to say it was mighty hard to show love and grace to someone who was being oh so ignorant!

Leo is napping, others are playing and I am going to attempt to get a head start on dinner while my hands are free.

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