Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 4 ... and then some

Here's a quick ol' blog update. Tonight was a pretty typical night. I came home from work, we ate dinner, got the kitchen clean, got the children bathed, and me and the boys played a little Heroscape (with only minimal tears) ... and then the bed time stories, prayers, drinks of water .... etc.

Leo is right here in the thick of things. So far, so good. We're just starting to develop a routine around his special feeding needs. We have had friends who have brought us dinners these past few nights. THANK YOU, friends. That kindness has made a huge difference in our home this week.

I wish I could say that I have made some significant contribution to Leo's care. But really, for me it has been a diaper here and a bottle there.... and really it is Kim (a.k.a. Super-Mom) who has born the brunt of this. Still, she remains up-beat. I tell you, though, Leo is a pleasant little guy to have around, and it is neat to see his siblings make a fuss over him.

So, we're up to day 4 here.

And then there's some other news. I got a call from Ron Wint tonight. Ron, you will recall, is a missionary stationed in Zambia who was in need of a laptop.

This past weekend I purchased the laptop he needed, got it set up, and passed it off to the care of Pastor Carlos at Calvary. Ron (who is on a short furlough here in the USA) had called me to say thank you, and that "the impact of this gift will only be known in heaven" and also that "because we have this, we'll be able to broadcast Gospel radio programs in Zambia."

Neat! I told him that I didn't do it alone and that I would be sure to pass his comments on to those who had contributed to that effort. So, friends, you know who you are ... and God does too. THANK YOU.

I am thankful to have the acquaintance of so many generous people. :-)

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