Monday, June 13, 2011

chugging along...

I told Jeremy last night that I feel like we are beginning to get back to normal around here or at least our new version of normal. We are developing a routine although it seems to change from day to day so not sure how much of a routine it is. Anyway, we are settling down and feeling more comfortable having baby Leo as part of our family. Even though he is 13 months old, he really is a baby- eats every 4-5 hours, can't leave him unattended, doesn't sleep through the night, etc. Probably the hardest adjustment besides lack of sleep, is figuring out how to feed him if we are not home. He is not taking the bottle too well and gets most of his nourishment through a tube feeding which can take up to a half hour. We have seen more and more of his personality come out a little more each day. He really is a happy boy!

We have been reminded of how God wants us to live our lives with action not intentions. We can have all the best intentions but if we don't act on them they are worthless. Sometimes we think the only actions that “count” are those that are big, but I have been reminded that some of the best actions are really just everyday acts of love. We have been blessed with meals being delivered to our home by friends and family. This may not seem like a big deal, but to a mom with a new baby and 5 other kids, who is not getting enough sleep, this is HUGE! I am so thankful for family and friends who didn't stop at having good intentions but went the extra step and acted on them.

This week should be a quiet week- Jordan has his last baseball game of the season tonight, Amanda and Jonathan go to the dentist on Wednesday, Leo and I go back down to his pediatrician on Thursday evening (I am hoping after this visit we can transfer his care to our pediatrician who is much closer). Please pray that I am able to get all information I need from his pediatrician so that we can make sure he is getting everything he needs. Please also pray specifically for his reflux- seems like a small thing- but I believe God answers small prayers too. His reflux is really no small matter when you have to change his outfit up to 4 times a day because it is soaked. Thank you to all who are praying for our family!

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