Saturday, June 25, 2011

All in the same day ...

Today was a big day. Honestly I am a little dazed at the moment. But I need to muster up some focus here and write a few words to recognize some folks who helped me and my family out in a big way.

Our challenge was to transform our home office into a bedroom for Tyler and Jordan. And, since these things tend to have a kind of domino effect, there also needed to be a significant amount of work done in the basement to transform some dead space into a useful storage area.

Had I done this on my own, it would have taken the better part of my summer.

Enter my friend Al, and 10 volunteers who I met for the first time today. Al is a pastor at Storehouse Church in Plymouth Meeting. In the span of ten hours, he and others from his church removed wall paper, scrubbed basement walls, painted with Drylock, painted with primer, and painted again! Some even did some weeding in our garden while they waited for paint to dry! Then, because we're gluttons for punishment, Al and I put together the bunk beds Kim and I bought last weekend.

The result?
Wow. All that in one day. It was a little bit like Extreme Home Make-Over!

What motivated this group to do such a thing? Simple. They heard about our adoption efforts, and they just wanted to support us in a tangible way. I am so glad that these folks didn't just *think about* doing something good, but actually gave up a big chunk of Saturday and *did it!*

Pretty cool.

A HUGE thank you to those who became the hands and feet of Jesus to us today.

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