Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We are currently into our second week of eating at home.  
The first week was horrible, stressful and felt like we had wasted our time at the feeding clinic.
I was feeling very discouraged.
I think I can safely say that Leo has turned a corner. 
Leo's nurse, Sierra, is doing a great job feeding Leo orally.  
It is a challenge to her to see how much she can get in during a session.
Really, it is a sorta competition among us to see who can get in the most.
Leo has stopped a lot of his fighting.  His volume is slowly going up.
He is back to taking what he was during our last week at Hershey, 
which is about 1 to 2 ounces a session.
We return to Hershey on Monday.  
Our goal is no weight lose.
Weight gain would be a bonus.  

Thank you for praying. Please continue praying that Leo increases his volume during a session.
Also pray that Leo's mouth muscles become stronger and better coordinated so that he can maneuver and swallow baby food.  He is currently only able to swallow thin liquids.

Eating is hard work.  

Playing with Ben is fun.

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