Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Webby Friends ...

You're going to have to forgive the silly graphic I chose to go with this blog post.  I decided that the time was right (yet again) to ask friends for prayer.  And when I thought of the phrase "Dear Webby Friends", well that idea for a picture popped into my head.

So, apart from that bit of fun, this is a pretty serious post.  Most of the Shafers are feeling pretty good this week.  It's been good to have Kim back home.

However, our little Leo has really lost ground since coming home.  When he was in the Hershey clinic, he peaked at eating about 12 ounces a day by mouth.  Now, since coming home we are lucky if we get half that in a day.  We are currently struggling to get 1 ounce into Leo in a feeding.

This is really discouraging, and Kim is bearing the brunt of that discouragement as she does most of the feeds.  Kim and I both are fighting off negative thoughts that dwell on 5 weeks of time invested in something that is (apparently) not showing any return.

Leo has been acting "run down" too, and that makes me wonder if he isn't discouraged too in his own way!

So, dear praying friends, please pray for Leo.  A bold prayer would be for him to eat 12 ounces of formula by mouth tomorrow, and to keep that volume up for the next few weeks.

Please pray also for my attitude and Kim's.  Please pray that we would stress less over what we are / are not able to do through our own efforts, and rest more in God's ability to provide, in His time, for Leo.

Thanks, webby friends.

-- Jeremy


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