Tuesday, June 19, 2012

we got wheels

Leo had physical therapy today. He got a new set of wheels to borrow! He wasn't sure what to make of his walker as he is used to pushing his "walker" toy. This real walker is a backward one which he actually pulls as he walks. It is a little too big for him, but the smallest one our therapist could find to borrow. We will be ordering him his very own as soon as we are sure this is a good fit for him. The one we order for him will  be smaller and have a back support on it.  Progress is being made. 

Leo had a consult with an Occupational Therapist last week. She gave me probably 50 pages of reading to complete with the acknowledgement that I most likely didn't have time to do it. I really appreciated her insight into how Leo sees the world and how he interpretes his surroundings. She also demonstrated for me a brushing program or a deep pressure program as she liked calling it. Leo giggled the whole time she was "brushing" him. He loved it. We will be incorporating this program into Leo's daily schedule.  She will come out one or two more times offering her insight and then decide if any more visits are necessary. 

In other news, we are in full summer mode here.  Jeremy took Jonathan and Ben to Great Adventure yesterday courtesy of the Read to Succeed Program.  Tyler is participating in a Lego Mind storms Day camp and loving it.  Amanda is attending a music camp at our church.  This is probably our fullest week all summer.  I am looking forward to slowing down next week and enjoying some down time.

As I type, Amanda is listening to the Phantom of the Opera in her room and Jeremy is reading Redwall to all the boys in the livingroom.  

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  1. Awesome!!! Keep the O.T. She can help with feeding, sensory stuff... you never know what. Keep her! ;) (just my 2 cents!)