Friday, June 15, 2012

Leo walking! (sorta)

Here are some videos of Leo walking with assistance from Kim.  Walking!  Let that sink in for a minute and maybe you'll understand how Kim and I feel about this.

We have been charged by Leo's physical therapist to do this sort of exercise with him twice a day.  We may, in time, get a real walker for Leo.  (Not a toy one like you see here.)  It seems they are hard to get for little tykes.  (Who knew?)

But , the really neat thing is what the therapist told Kim today.  She said that she thought Leo would (with practice) get to the point where he would walk on his own.  Nice.

I can't help but look at this and think "Leo, you've come a long way, baby."  I mean, when he was born he had a cleft lip, and a cleft palate, and an ominous genetic disorder.  His outlook was pretty bleak.  I am sure there were doctors who doubted he would make it through his first year. 

But he did. 

We were told he was blind.  But he sees.

We were told he was deaf.  But he hears.

We were told he may never walk.  But... look out!  Here he comes!

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