Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bathing Suit Incident

Just in case you were wondering, Jonathan really does only have one leg. Why? Because he was born that way. Why? Because that is how God made him. And no you may NOT look up the leg of his bathing suit just to make sure it really is missing.

Yes, I really did have this conversation with a boy (about 8 years old) at the pool tonight. He had been playing very nicely with my children and then Jonathan got out of the pool and hopped over to the diving board. The boy quickly followed and stopped Jonathan as he was hopping out to the edge of the diving board. He then proceeded to reach through the rail, bend down and attempt to look up Jonathan's bathing suit. I quickly called for him to stop. Jonathan gave him a look like what are you doing and then hopped off the diving board. I called the boy over (hoping a parent would appear) and proceeded to tell him it was not appropriate to look up someones bathing suit. He told me, he was just checking to make sure it was really missing.

This happens when we enter a new environment. People stare, eyes follow him, strangers come up to me and tell me how amazing he is. Jonathan takes it all in stride. Half the time he is oblivious to it. The funny thing is when someone asks if he is my son, my first reaction is "why what did he do?" I forget the one leg thing. He is my son (period) I agree he really is amazing, but please take my word for it- he is not hiding his leg up his bathing suit.

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