Monday, September 19, 2011

We are family

“Sometimes do you think we have taken on more than we can handle?” Jeremy asks as he is standing there holding Leo. That is a loaded question and one we discussed while I was cleaning up from dinner. Yes, we have taken on more than we can handle in our own strength. Yes, we are physically and mentally exhausted. Thankfully, God gives us the strength we need for each day.

Rewind just a few hours and Ben is telling me that he is so happy he is a big brother to Leo. Ben is sitting and hugging Leo and playing with him.

Yes, life can be hard most days, but we are family(Leo included) and right now we are a family that is learning to do hard things and maintain a God honoring attitude.

Please pray for us as we have many medical decisions to make concerning Leo in the next few weeks. These decisions will probably involve him having another surgery or two. Please pray specifically that the doctors will be able to zero in on the breathing difficulties he had after his last surgery so that they are not repeated in future surgeries. Also, please continue to pray for his eating. We are slowly, very slowly making baby steps forward in this area.

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