Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On our toes

It is all perspective. Yesterday I thought my biggest problem was Jordan leaving the freezer door open. The end result of that was a boatload of thawed meat that needed to be cooked. I didn't know that about an hour and a half later I would be riding in the back of an ambulance.

Leo had what we believe to be his second seizure. It was his first seizure since being in our family. Both seizures are linked to a feverish spike in temperature after receiving an immunization. One minute we were eating dinner with Leo sitting in his high chair, the next minute he started shaking. This was probably the scariest moment of my life. It seemed like it took forever for the paramedics to arrive but Amanda assures me it was only about 5 minutes. Once at the hospital they focused on getting his fever down. About 2 hours later he was flirting with the nurses and we were discharged.

Leo is somewhat predisposed to seizures with his genetic syndrome, so we will be coming up with a plan before any more immunizations. We are now under instructions to not let any fever get high. (As if we have control!) But basically his temp was only 102.8 so it doesn't take much of a fever to trigger a seizure with him. Bottom line- stay healthy this winter (again as if we have control). I'm thinking a plastic bubble sounds good right about now.

Today was a stressful day, as I was constantly watching Leo. He hasn't had a fever all day so I am hoping we get some sleep tonight and that tomorrow will be a better day.

Oh, in case you were wondering. I cooked and refroze about 4 dinners for our family with the thawed meat. Thank you Jordan for helping me plan ahead for when life gets crazy and I don't have time to cook.

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  1. May God's grace sustain you and you help your little boy. Popping in to say hello and am moved by your little boy.