Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things I am learning

Walgreens sells tegaderm, CVS does not.
Neither Walgreens or CVS sell duoderm.
Insurance does not provide enough duoderm or tegaderm for a baby who sweats a lot or is learning to eat food.
If the top of the NG tube happens to pop open, stomach contents will be
deposited wherever Leo is laying.
Brothers are not grossed out by stomach contents, but sisters are.
Jordan is the best assistant when I need an extra hand inserting said NG tube. Amanda prefers not to be involved.
Complex scheduling can make your life more complex.
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia has the best chocolate berry parfait in their cafeteria.
If you leave Jonathan and Ben soaking in the tub while you write a blog post, expect a huge mess to clean up!

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