Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is full

We have been bad bloggers. Life is just full, but with no end in sight, I thought I better at least get some pictures posted. It is hard to believe it is September. We have started school and so far so good. We are continuing to have lots of doctor's visits for Leo. We are still figuring out his care. He is now on a continuous feed through the night and we are using a pump for all feeds. He is continuing to progress in all his therapies excelling especially in physical therapy. Please continue to pray for him to begin eating by mouth. We would love to not have to have a g-tube inserted, but will be seeing a surgeon about this option soon. Leo's schedule alone can overwhelm me on a daily basis, but God continues to give me the strength I need to accomplish all that needs to be done. We are also sooo thankful for Mom-mom especially who has been carrying on the home front while I take Leo to all of these appointments.

Soccer Season 2011 starts and look who is in uniform!
Jonathan is thrilled to be playing this year, but he must
play with his prosthetic leg on, which is a new challenge for him- but if anyone
can do it- he can!

The end of August we went to the Funplex.
Amanda looks a little too comfortable in the race car!
Jonathan LOVED the bumper cars and rode them at least
20 times- it wasn't crowded so he could just stay on and go and go...

Leo is continuing to receive therapy in our home.
Look at that strength. He is now rolling from one
end of the living room to the other. Time to baby proof!
God continues to answer our prayers and we received a grant from Show Hope the Steven Curtis Chapman Foundation! We also were invited to give a short testimony at our local Bethany's Annual Fundraising Banquet. We are excited about this opportunity as it is our chance to give back to an incredible agency.

Best Buddies! (today)

On Saturday we went down to Chinatown for the
Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lest we make this adoption, big family thing look too easy- don't be fooled! I deleted all the pictures where we look tired, stressed or overwhelmed!

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