Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Leo Needs Your Help

Sorry for the desperate sounding title but Leo really does need your help.  We have entered him in a contest to win an Ipad.  Leo is entered in a contest on the Wolfhirschhorn website.  The top winners will receive an Ipad.  This technology could really help Leo with his therapies and his life in general.

The purpose of the contest is to draw attention to Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and to educate people on what it is by getting them to this amazing site that educates parents and families. Kevin, who runs the site, is actually the first person we contacted to learn more about Wolf-Hirschhorn when we were considering adopting Leo. He spent over an hour on the phone with Jeremy answering all of his questions. The parents we have "met" on this site are incredible and have been an encouragement to us. We actually don't like that we are competing against them.

What we need: we need you to vote for Leo!!!! You can only vote once. So, could you please encourage your friends and family to vote, forward this blog to everyone and put something on your facebook account if you have one!!!! Leo needs all the votes he can get.

Go to this site to vote:
Leo the Lion with the cute blue glasses is about half way down the page!

They ran this contest last year, but we didn't enter b/c Leo was in the hospital having surgery. Last years winner had over 700 votes, so you can see the competition is stiff as the prize is so great!

The Contest is open till Saturday, November 10th

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