Saturday, November 17, 2012

A New Friend For Leo

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet Tanner and his mom, Jessica. Tanner's family had donated one of the Ipads to the WHS Halloween Contest. Since they live relatively close to us, we decided to meet at a mall so Tanner could give Leo his new Ipad.
Leo was actually more interested in Tanner's Ipad as it had Elmo playing on it!

Apparently, there are quite a few families whose children have WHS in our general area. They get together every few months. We are looking forward to connecting with these families and Tanner and his family. What a great side benefit of winning the contest.

We may have made a mistake in telling the boys that Leo would share his Ipad with them.

He actually is quite possessive of it and will "yell" if anyone tries to take it off of him.

I think he looks smarter just holding the Ipad. The look on his face is a look of power. He knows he has what his brothers want.

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