Thursday, November 29, 2012

All that I dare say ...

A while back, Kim wrote something vague here along the lines of "Jeremy has some exciting news to share."  It's been a while, I know, and I haven't offered any explanation whatsoever.

So, it's time to set things straight.  For starters, I am now in touch with an organization called International Voice of the Orphan.  IVO is "passionately committed to care, comfort and advocate for orphans around the world."  Among other things, IVO coordinates short-term missions trips each year.

I reached out to IVO and plan to be part of a team going to Uganda in June for about 2 weeks.  The team will volunteer at an orphanage, work on a service project, and support our brothers and sisters in Christ there.

This is really very exciting, and I hope that this is the beginning of a longer relationship with IVO.  Who knows?  As my children grow into teenagers, maybe someday I can take one or more of them with me and we can serve together.

I'm asking friends of mine to pray for me with regard to this.  Specifically:
  1. That I would be able to budget my time away from work to make this Uganda trip. (Basically, I can't get sick or have family emergencies. And that's always a wild card in a family of eight! )
  2. That God would provide the finances necessary for me to go (I'm at the "I think I can" stage!)
  3. And (most importantly) that I wouldn't lose my nerve.  
Believe it or not, that is ONLY HALF of my exciting news.

The other half has to do with a work opportunity that has come together for me that I will be able to do in addition to my regular duties at Temple University.  This is a teaching opportunity and it is something that I have attempted to "break in to" for several years.

Honestly, I had pretty much given up on the idea.  But not long after reaching out to IVO, this opportunity all started to come together very quickly.

I feel like this is a confirmation of my decision to pursue the Uganda trip, among other things.  Time and again I have been reminded of Galatians 2:10 where the apostle Paul writes about being commissioned to do "the very thing" he had longed to do.  And, yes, it'll also help a lot with the money side of the Uganda trip.

It is very encouraging when you sense that God really is ordering your steps!

So, there it is,  my BIG NEWS ... a trip to Uganda in June, a sense of calling, and a once-abandoned desire suddenly fulfilled.  Nice!

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