Monday, April 23, 2012

cardio update

I have decided nothing is clear cut with Leo.  I left the appointment a little frustrated.  Here is what we know.  The hole has not closed.  It is not a little hole.  It is a big hole which means open heart surgery.  They will not do the surgery until Leo gains weight.  Children with wolf-hirschhorn syndrome gain weight slowly. So we wait. 

Because nothing is clear cut with Leo we left the office with Leo connected to a 24 heart monitor.  Apparently, they didn't like that the results of the heart monitor tests done in October and December don't agree so we are doing a third test.  The hole in his heart and the problem that showed up on the first heart monitor test are not related, so basically two heart problems but the second supposedly can be managed with medication.   

On a happy note ~ we go to court on Wednesday! 

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