Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aspirating, seizure, and a hovercraft

Just when you think you can let your guard down, God reminds you just how fragile life really is. Especially life with Leo. Thursday afternoon, Leo had a febrile seizure which landed us in the ER. He was diagnosed with pneumonia.

For the last 2 days I have been trying to figure out how he could have pneumonia when he really has no symptoms. Tonight at dinner all the pieces came together in my mind. And yes, I am one step closer to getting my medical degree. I called our feeding specialist (yes, I called her the night before Easter and she was wonderfully understanding) who confirmed my diagnosis. We believe Leo may have aspirated on some liquid during his spoon dipping feeding. She had told me months ago that it is possible to aspirate on something, have it go to your lungs and result in pneumonia. There is no way for us to know 100% if that is what caused Leo's pneumonia but it seems likely. So, next step will be a swallow study. I will attempt to schedule this next week and will hopefully be able to get an appointment in the next month or so.

Jeremy posted this on facebook today- We have been praying as a family that Leo's ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) would heal without heart surgery. Today, Jonathan observed me putting a band aid on Ben's finger. Jonathan said, "Daddy, you could put a band aid on Leo's heart!" Would you join us in praying for the hole in Leo's heart to close. We go back to the cardiologist on April 23rd. We are praying for a miracle- that the hole will close, if not we will need to talk surgery options.

In other news, Jeremy and the boys made a hovercraft.

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