Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please Pray- we get answers

The other night we were playing the game of Life because apparently our own lives aren't interesting enough :) Leo loved sitting and "playing" with the family!

Tomorrow we need to be at CHOP bright and early- 6:00 AM! First his ears will be examined and cleaned by our favorite ENT doctor and then they will proceed with the ABR (Auditory brainstem response).

We were told Leo is deaf, but we know he can hear some. This test will give us an accurate description of what Leo can and can't hear. Because of Leo's difficulties with anesthesia in the past, they would not allow the regular ABR team to just sedate him and do the test in the office. Basically this test will be done under anesthesia with a doctor present in the surgical unit.

Please pray for Leo to stay healthy so the test can be performed.
Please pray that he has no difficulties waking up after the procedure.
We were told we would have to wait weeks for the full results, but we are hoping they can give us some idea of what they found after they are done.

On a positive note- Leo can now (when he wants to) get himself into the sitting position from laying down. We are so proud of how far he has come!

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