Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday, Marshmallows, Beans and the Heart

Tyler turns 11!
Breakfast in Bed
Friends help Tyler celebrate.
Make Marshmallow guns out of pvc tubing...

Cake decorated by Amanda

Go to park to shoot marshmallows at each other!
The boys loved it!

Tactile play for Leo.
Bin of Beans and playing with pudding.
Both suggestions of his therapist.

We got the results of Leo's 2nd heart monitor test. Lots of information to process. Bottom line- we need to make an appointment with the cardiologist for either February or March. He would like to evaluate Leo again and run more tests. His heart rate is still high. The question that needs to be answered is his heart rate high because of his artrial septal defect (hole in heart) or because of some other unknown reason. We are not thrilled with the cardiologist who does not understand the syndrome Leo has so we also need to decide if we are sticking with him or finding a new doctor.
Monday we meet with ENT for Leo's pre-op for his ABR (auditory brainstem response) to determine his hearing ability. This test is scheduled to be done on February 1st.
Lots going on, but life is good and most importantly God is in control.

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