Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We are home. Leo is doing OK- just OK. It will take about a day for the anesthesia to get out of his system. So for the moment, he is like a rag doll, a cranky rag doll. He is only content if someone is holding him and after all he has been through he deserves extra snuggles.

We have some answers but with Leo nothing has ever been clear cut- we call him our man of mystery. He likes to keep us guessing. The audiologist spent quite a bit of time with us after the test explaining the results. It appears that Leo is not legally deaf. Yippee Jesus! His hearing level for moderate pitches, i.e. someone talking in a normal voice was within normal range. They did detect some hearing loss for high and low pitches, but will need to do more tests to determine the extent of the loss. They were not able to do one of the tests because the operating room was too loud? (I guess you can't shush doctors :)

Lots of medical terms were used, but the bottom line is Leo can hear if you are talking to him but he may not be able to hear the bird singing outside! We will follow up with audiologist in about 3-6 months to run more tests. Someday, he may or may not need a hearing aid device to detect those pitches, but for now we are content to know our sweet little guy can hear the songs we sing to him each day at nap time and bedtime.

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