Saturday, November 5, 2011

M&M Uno

We had a lot of fun this evening playing M&M Uno. If you find yourself looking for a way to keep a couple of children entertained, let me suggest this fun game. It's a creation of our very own, and it works like this:

  1. Before the game can begin, everyone must WASH THEIR HANDS.

  2. Each player gets a dixie cup with 10 to 15 M&M candies in it. It is important that each player has the same number of candies in his/her cup.

  3. A bowl is set in the middle of the table. This is the candy bowl.

  4. Deal out the Uno cards like you would for a normal game.


Play a game of Uno according to the standard rules of the game. Four additional rules govern the distribution of the M&M candies.
  1. Whenever you are required to draw a card from the Uno deck, you must place one of your candies in the candy bowl.

  2. Whenever you change the color of the top Uno card, you win all the candies in the candy bowl.

  3. If you win the Uno game (that is, you play your last card) you win all the candies in the candy bowl.

  4. If you run out of candies in your dixie cup, you lose. Just set your cards down and stop playing.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I eat my candies now? You sure can. You don't need to wait to the end of the game to eat some (or all) of you M&Ms. But, of course, if your dixie cup is empty, you lose and you are out of the game.

  2. If an opponent makes me draw four (or 2) cards, do I have to give away one of my candies? Yes. One of your candies goes in the bowl regardless of how many cards you were made to draw.

  3. If I change the color by playing a wild card, do I get all the candies in the bowl? Yes.

  4. If I can't play because I can't match the top card, do I have to put my candy in the bowl? Yes. You have to draw a card and put a candy in the bowl.

  5. Hey, I drew a card, played it, and changed the color being lead. Do I get all the candies in the bowl? Even the one I just put in? Yes. You changed the color. You get all the candies in the bowl.

  6. I changed the color, but the candy bowl was empty. Do I get anything? Nope. Sorry.

  7. I played a skip card. Does the person being skipped need to put a candy in the bowl? No. They just get skipped. That's bad enough.
Give it a try the next chance you get. It's fun!

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