Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looking Good

Yes, it is 5:30 as I type this but I actually slept last night. They didn't have Leo hooked up to the monitors so I didn't hear beep, beep, beep all night long. Leo also has a quiet roommate.

It took him 3 full days, but Leo finally got his IV off. Quite the accomplishment and one he is very proud of. He has a reputation for getting them off and they practically had it ducked tape to him. He is lucky his favorite nurse isn't in today or she would have words with him. I believe her exact words were, "Leo is a worthy opponent!" Apparently, Leo may have won the battle!

Full feeds today. Hopefully starting with the 9:00 AM feed. If he does well then we are out of here!

In other God news. Leo's 4th roommate is a little girl, who was adopted from Africa. How cool is that? Only God could have orchestrated placing these 2 adopted little ones in the same hospital room. She should also be discharged today. Praying, we go first as I really have no desire to meet a 5th roommate!

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