Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Around

Like the wheels? The nurse found us this cool almost like a Kohl's shopping cart to go for a walk in! Leo enjoyed walking the halls and seeing people other then me and the 4 walls.

After our walk, Leo fell fast asleep.

He is doing very well. Last night lots of beeps were heard as he kept setting off his monitors. They finally called the doctor and got permission to take him off the monitors and so no more beeps for now. Today they increased his feeds to 2/3's and so far so good. We skyped again with the kids at home which the boys especially enjoyed.

Being here has reminded me how blessed we are. Our children are healthy, yes Leo has multiple medical issues but he is healthy. We have seen so many kids who are a lot sicker then Leo and who have been here a long time with no discharge date in sight. I am also so thankful that I am able to be here with Leo around the clock. It broke heart yesterday to see a baby only a couple of months old sitting in a seat in the nurses station. His mom has to work and so he is here by himself with just the nurses to look after him and love on him. I discovered that Leo is in the minority of having a parent with him around the clock. We are so thankful for Mom-mom for basically moving in and taking care of life on the home front. She is doing an awesome job keeping things "normal" for the kids. We know this is hard on the other kids and so we have worked to not uproot their lives this week. Jeremy has been home to tuck them in, to take them to chess club and even to help with school work.

The end is in sight. Leo should be discharged late tomorrow. Tomorrow they will increase his feeds to the normal amount. They will check his blood sugar after 2 of the feeds and if he is tolerating everything, they should kick us out!

This weekend Amanda is performing with the Bucks County Community Orchestra. She plays the violin in their Concertino Division. We are hoping all of us can go to at least her portion of the concert. She has really excelled in her violin playing this year and we are so proud of her!

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