Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So thankful to be home!

To say we had an eventful weekend would be an understatement.

Our weekend began Friday night with a trip to our local ER because Leo was having difficulty breathing- got him breathing- sent us home.

We were in the door literally 5 minutes and Leo had a seizure due to spike in fever.

Short version- ambulance ride to a different ER where we were admitted- total of 4 seizures occurred. In case you are wondering seizures are scary especially when your 17 month old is having one and you are home alone. A special shout out- to our local fire and ambulance company. We need to make and take them cookies as a thank you! This 911 call had a full size ladder fire truck at our door before the ambulance.

Discharged from hospital on Sunday morning.

Visited our pediatrician on Monday morning b/c Leo was back to not breathing right.

Sent to our 3rd ER where they gave him some more medicine and sent us home.
I think we have finally turned the corner. He still has snot, he is still breathing heavy, but he is breathing and that is all that matters.

We will be seeing a neurologist next Wednesday about the seizures and deciding what to do about so many seizures. For now we have special medicine to give him in the event of a seizure between now and Wed.
We are soooo thankful for friends and family who have stepped in to help us and take care of the other kids while we were at the hospital with Leo.

Please pray that Leo will be healthy enough to have surgery on November 14th!

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  1. ARGH! Yes, the seizures STINK!!! They so stink! I'm praying Leo is on the mend.... and I think you will love the g-tube.
    We use Keppra for seizure control.
    We use Diastat for emergency seizures.
    We use EllaCare for his formula.

    You can feel to ask anytime you are wondering something... I ask what everyone else is using all the time!