Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When Your World is Shaken

I couldn't resist the title.  Today I found this globe broken in 2 on our playroom table, and it seemed appropriate somehow.   Our world broke a little bit, today.  Or, at least, it was shaken.  More on that in a minute.  

I realized that we have not blogged in a very long time and sooo much has happened these past few months.  God provided us a new van! The new van is, in so many ways, much  better much the one that was stolen.  What man intended for evil, God used for good. 

We also adopted a new-to-us dog.  No dog could ever replace our Emma, but Bubbles has been a great addition to our family.
Bubbles is great with the kids.  She's very playful and has lots of energy ... which means she fits right in! 

Unfortunately, 2013 has also been full of lots of sickness, especially for Leo.  But today a part of Leo's puzzle was revealed to us.  Over the weekend, Leo developed strange jittery movements.  We wound up at the ER yesterday and I was left feeling like I was crazy for going.   They had no answers for us!  We followed up with neurology today and apparently I am not so crazy after all (at least concerning this situation). In the past all of Leo's seizures have been febrile (fever related). Apparently, he is now having seizures more often and "just because".  These seizures are presenting differently.  I know I am not explaining this correctly, but we are still processing a lot of information.  The bottom line is, for the foreseeable future, Leo will be on seizure meds.  We are hoping his seizures can be controlled with just one low-dose med.  In a way it does feel like our world broke a bit today.  We weren't expecting this diagnosis.  We are thankful that the doctor we saw today believed we caught these early and that she was hopeful they could be controlled.  We would appreciate prayers for complete healing of Leo and that these seizures would just go away!

So, 2013 has had a few rough spots.  We said goodbye to Emma, had a van stolen, and now Leo's health has taken a strange turn for the worse.  But God has remained faithful and life marches on.  We continue to pray over our future and God's will for our lives and the lives of our children. We should be finding out in the next 2 weeks Jeremy's exact travel dates for his mission trip to Africa.  We are so excited that he will have this opportunity to go "love on" some little and big ones in Uganda.    

As of now, it is looking like Amanda will be attending our local high school in the fall.  She auditioned for and was accepted into the advanced orchestra.  This is a huge move for us as Amanda has been home schooled from birth.  Lots of prayer has been going into this decision and God has been opened doors confirming for us this is the path we should be on at this time.  

The end of this month Leo "ages out" of early intervention and we will find out what the school district has in mind for him.  Basically, we are waiting to hear if they will recommend that therapy continue in our home or if they will recommend a special preschool for him for a few hours a day.  I am not sure what I am hoping for at this point, but I am curious to see what they recommend.  We can turn down their plan and then they would need to come up with a plan B and C if necessary.

Sometimes it does feel like our world is spinning out of control, or falling apart, but it is in moments like those that we have to rely less on our feelings, and more on what we know is true: God is in control!

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