Monday, September 17, 2012

Terrific Two's

Summer was good for Leo!

He has made so much progress the last 3 months. He is not the same little boy that he was a year ago. We are constantly being reminded what it is like to have a two year old in the house. Leo is a man on the move. Into everything. Exploring. Learning. Growing.
We picked up his glasses today.  Keeping the glasses on his face
has been a full time job this afternoon.  We really think they 
make a difference in what he is seeing.  He just has this look
on his face when he is wearing them. 
We are also  making slow but steady progress in feeding.  
He is drinking about a half an ounce if we work with him.
It takes about a half an hour to drink that .5 ounce but his tolerance is growing.
He especially enjoys smoothies made by his sister, Amanda.
His latest trick- his version of standing on his head. 
His arms and legs are getting so strong.
We have come so far and yet we are reminded that we 
still have a long road ahead of us.  Leo is still non-verbal.  
He squeals, laughs, whines and yells, but no real sounds.
We are working on some sign language and I know he understands
some of what we are saying.
Sometimes, I just wish we knew what he was thinking!

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