Monday, July 2, 2012

Glass Half Full or Half Empty

The drama started May 22 and continues. The short version: apparently there is a shortage of reflux medicine- omeprazole to be exact. Our pharmacist has gone above and beyond to work with us and our doctors to guarantee that Leo is never without medicine for his reflux. The upside of this shortage- Leo is now on nexium which has improved his reflux and has him sleeping later and better in the morning. Upside- mom and dad are getting more sleep and Leo is more comfortable.

Found out tonight- apparently- there is now a shortage of nexium. (sigh.) Our pharmacist is determined to find some for Leo and has had her staff calling all over the city today trying to find some that they can personally go pick up. Another upside- we have enough for the next 10 days and I feel like I have my own personal pharmacist working for Leo.

Today at the pool- Ben put about a half of bottle of suntan lotion on my back. The upside- I did NOT get any sunburn on my back.

Today at the pool, a boy was overly curious about Jonathan and his missing leg. The upside -- I do believe the lifeguard, who was sitting within ear shot, also got a nice education on special needs, missing limbs and adoption.

Also at the pool today, a different boy was overly curious about Jonathan and his missing leg. The up side-- This time Jordan appropriately answered all of his questions and I was so proud of how he handled the situation.

This morning Leo had a follow up at the Ears, Nose and Throat doctor, Leo's ears looked great and he doesn't want to see him for 6 months (yea). There is no downside to this one :) The upside-- I went to staples to buy a 2013 planner and I now know what I am doing on January 7, 2013

Friday night I was food shopping at Aldi's and saw and incredible deal on a trampoline (yes at Aldi's). Went home, talked to Jeremy, who went and purchased one on Saturday. He spent at least 3 hours putting it together with "help" in 90 degree heat. The upside- the kids LOVE it!

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