Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Missed my paramedic friends...

Last night at about 12:45 AM Leo had a seizure. I had just changed his diaper about 5 minutes earlier and he felt fine. He started coughing and then a gasp and nothing. Jeremy got up to check on him and yelled that he was seizing. Thankfully, we both remained calm and did what we had been told to to if this happened. We did wind up giving him the one seizure medicine after 5 minutes of seizing. He then did what is typical of doing after a seizure- he fell into a deep sleep. This just made Jeremy and I more nervous as we were trying to access if he was alright. Jeremy stayed up doing some work and watched him sleep for a while after to make sure he was alright.

I actually missed our paramedic friends. In the past they have taken control and all we had to do was pray and worry. Today we will be taking a trip back to our pediatrician this time with Leo. Besides the seizure, he also has the cough which sounds deep and crackly. We also need instructions on how to keep his fever under control so that it doesn't result in a seizure with each spike.

Jonathan is still spiking fevers and coughing. Please pray for healing for our two youngest. It is no fun to be sick especially this time of year.

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