Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring has Sprung

We are still here! Life has been full. We've been busy with activities like:
  • Friends visiting from Buffalo, NY.
  • Trying to end the school year strong.
  • Our first year having a baseball player.
  • Orchestra Concerts.
  • Jordan learning how to ride his bike without training wheels!
The list goes on and on! In the midst of all of our crazy lives, God has been working and moving mountains and unfolding His plan for our family.

I am going to try and give an abbreviated version of what we are currently wrestling with. If you remember, since we began the adoption process again, we have struggled with domestic vs. international. We both have felt that God was pulling us toward domestic, but we were not sure if our family would be a good fit for the domestic program. We began the international process and hit a wall. We needed more money. We struggle, we prayed, we questioned whether this was God closing the international door and leading us back to domestic. Fast forward. God provided a grant to be used for international adoption, but we weren't sure we wanted it. We had the opportunity to talk with the domestic older child/special needs social worker and after that conversation, we felt like domestic was a realistic option for our family.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night, when we basically decide to go domestic. My prayer Wednesday night and Thursday morning- God please show us in a big way today that we are on the right track- open or slam shut doors-please just confirm our decision. Thursday morning- the phone rings- I notice it is Bethany (we have not told them our decision yet), I answer and it is the domestic worker saying they just got a call about a little boy.

Then there is such a lot of information to absorb in 24 hours ... all day I am in conversation with social workers. At one point I call our international worker and inform her of our decision and give her permission to give all of our paperwork to the domestic social worker. If you are still reading and completely confused- you now know how we feel!

This situation is still unfolding. It's not a done deal. But it feels like a "God thing." It's looks like a God thing. We are still finding out details. This is not an easy decision as this little one's needs are quite extensive. As of this moment he is not legally free for adoption, but most likely will be in the next few months. God answered my prayer last Wednesday and regardless of the outcome of this situation, we know we are on God's track for our family. Please pray for us as we make decisions that will affect our entire family and change its make-up forever. Please pray for this little boy and for his mom who is making life changing decisions. We will keep you posted as we can. God is working and even though we have more questions than answers at the moment- we have a peace that God is working and doing something big.

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