Saturday, February 19, 2011

When life gets busy...

When life gets busy... I go to bed. And that is just where I am going as soon as I post this. It has been a busy week.

We started the week off by celebrating Amanda's birthday. Our traditional breakfast in bed.

We also submitted our formal application to adopt. We are waiting to hear if we were approved and then we can begin our home study and paper chase. I am dreading the paperwork.

On Friday we dropped Amanda off at church and she is currently on her first 2 night overnight with the Jr. High Youth Group. She was so excited. We are praying that God uses this weekend to work in Amanda's life and become real to her. We also hope she just has fun! We are missing her here.

Today was a busy day as
--we had 2 basketball games. Both ended in wins!
--And we sold the red car! This was an answer to prayer as that money is needed to pay the home study fee.
--We then ended our day by going to Ikea. The playroom was crazy and only Jonathan wanted to go in- so we decided to put no one in. All 4 boys tromped with us through Ikea. We made at least 3 bathroom breaks and if you have been in Ikea you know the bathrooms are not conveniently located. We survived. We are home. The boys are in bed and I am headed there shortly. Life is full but it is a good!

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