Friday, January 14, 2011

Get that boy a popsicle!

Jonathan was a real trooper today. He was a model patient and is now home. He seemed to enjoy watching extra TV in the hospital which was a pleasant surprise to Kim and me. Out of all our children, Jonathan is the one least likely to be distracted by television. Typically, I'd consider that to be a strength, but on a day like today ... not so much. It was good that he was a little more subdued than normal today.

So, we're home. He'll be on pain medication for the next five days or so, but he seems relatively peppy all things considered. He's in the living room now, watching his siblings play Wii.

This is better than we had hoped! Kim and I had originally believed that he would be in the hospital for 23 hours ... so we're just glad to be home now. Funny, we just sat around the hospital all day but we are both feeling wiped out!

Incidentally, today is Tyler's birthday. We've been celebrating it (with a party here and a gift there) for about a week now. So "the week of Tyler" concludes this evening with a viewing of "The Empire Strikes Back" I am looking forward to it. I hope I can stay awake. :-)

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