Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Leo and I leave in a week and a half to start the feeding program at Hershey. We will be there a minimum of 3 weeks, maximum of 5. It will be a stretching experience for our entire family.

This time last year Leo had major open heart surgery that resulted in a second hospitalization and basically the end of April and all of May were a wash as we were in and out of the hospital. Friends and family stepped in and provided meals, play dates and prayer support. Apparently, I think Leo, hospitals and the month of May go together.

This time away will be like no other as it will be just me and Leo. I don't think Jeremy and I have ever been separated like this in our 18 years of marriage. We went to China together to bring Jonathan home. Last May, when Leo had surgery we were able to be at the hospital together a lot of the time. The thought of having this latest adventure without him by my side makes me homesick and I haven't even left. The thought of parenting from afar and making sure all the plates on the home front keep spinning seems overwhelming. Poster board weekly calendars are being made with everyone's schedule on them so that nothing is missed or forgotten. The idea of sacrificing family life for the sake of one was not a decision made lightly. We as a family daily invest in each other's lives and we all want to see Leo succeed. Each of our kids is willing to let Leo and I "go away" for a time if it means Leo learning to eat by mouth.

Yes, I am overwhelmed at the thought of being away from my family. We do life best together. But I am also overwhelmed by friends and family who are once again stepping in and helping to carry the load. Mom-mom, my mom, will be moving in during the week. She will be here while Jeremy works and she will home school the middle 3 boys and basically run the house. Friends have offered play dates and to be available for whatever we need during this time. A friend has organized a meal train so that Mom-mom doesn't have the pressure of cooking each night. Yes, tonight I am overwhelmed, overwhelmed with gratitude that friends care. They care enough about us, they also want to see Leo learn to eat, they are willing to walk along side us and make life a little easier. Oh, how God has blessed us and that is the best reason to be overwhelmed.

 He wants to eat so badly.  He just doesn't know how to chew and swallow.

if anyone feels led my friend Melissa set up a mealtrain to help with meals while we are away. the password is password.

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