Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jonathan turns 8!

July 15, 2009 - a surprise birthday party for Jonathan, only he was still in China. Our friends surprised us with a birthday party on Jonathan's birthday. It was bittersweet as the guest of honor was not there, but it was so sweet that our friends remembered the specialness of the day and celebrated with us. It would be approximately 4 more months until we would travel to China to bring Jonathan home.  Thank you- Laura, Gwen, Denise and Amy for that special day! 

 Thankfully, we were able to work with an agency in China to send Jonathan a birthday cake and care package to let him know we were thinking about him.

July 5, 2010- Jonathan's 4th birthday- his first birthday celebration as a Shafer!
Fast forward 4 years and today we celebrate Jonathan's 8th birthday.  He loves watermelon, legos and Bubbles the dog.  He is constantly amazing people with his speed and strength.  What many would consider a disability does not get in Jonathan's way of living a fun, fast paced energetic life.  He rarely sits still but will crash at bedtime.  He gives the best hugs and is constantly telling me I am a good mom :) He has begun to ask some questions and make some comments about his life in China.  We do our best to answer his questions and to honor and respect his birthparents and China.  We will be forever grateful for the privilege it is to be his Mom and Dad.

His day began with breakfast in bed, minus Amanda who is at camp.  His dinner request- take out Chinese food! 

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