Friday, June 13, 2014

4 Months in Pictures

Blame it on facebook, blame it on lack of time, but whatever the reason our blog has been neglected.  I am going to attempt to do some catching up as there are some big changes coming to the Shafer household in the next few months.  (no, we are not adopting)  This post is specifically for our favorite Aunt Beky, a missionary in Africa, who looks forward to our blog posts. 

So here it is ~ February through May in pictures.
 Amanda turned 15 on February 14th.  She and Tyler shared a birthday celebration. 
 Everyone was Happy, Happy, Happy!
Ben and Aunt Suzy gave the combined celebration a thumbs up!

 Winter turned to spring and Easter arrived.  
We did a combined Easter Celebration and Leo turns 4 party at Aunt Peg's house. 
 Sibling Silliness

 Amanda is our cake decorator.  She decorated Leo's Elmo cake!
April 24th, Leo became a heart hero
as he had surgery to close his ASD. 
The surgery went well and he was released from 
the hospital 5 days later, April 29th. He was 
home to celebrate his 4th birthday on the 30th.
 Unfortunately, he was readmitted May 15th 
with fluid around the heart.  He was finally released 
4 days later.  The last month has been difficult as Leo
has had ongoing health issues that include an ambulance ride 
and a few seizures. Thankfully, today he had more testing and 
his cardiologist declared him heart healthy.  We are thankful
that Leo has been fever free for over a week and is back to 
his pre-surgery self.

 Ben turned 9 on May 20th!  He enjoyed his traditional 
breakfast in bed.  Thankfully, Leo was discharged a day before 
Ben's birthday so we were all under one roof to celebrate.
 Coolest Spiderman cake ever decorated by the best big sister.
June 7th all of us along with Mom-mom and Aunt Suzy, participated
in Bethany Christian Services 5k run/walk.  Jeremy, Amanda and Tyler ran in 
the 5k and the rest of us walked. 

I promise another blog post soon with more details about some of the changes coming our way and how God has been faithful to us through the last 2 months.  

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