Friday, November 15, 2013

Can He Hear?

The initial information we received before even meeting Leo was that he was deaf.  We quickly realized when we met him that he could hear.  But there was always a question as to the quality of what he is hearing.  Leo has had numerous- at least 5 hearing tests and an ABR- in his short 3.5 years of life.  He is on his third set of ear tubes.  Today, for the first time, Leo finally passed his hearing test.  He will continue to be followed by ENT every six months or sooner and will have another hearing test then.  As he grows, they can perform different, more accurate tests that will allow us to really know if his hearing is 100%.  For now we assume that like his brothers he is developing selective hearing when he ignores me when I ask him to clean up his toys :)

December will be a busy month for Leo as he sees the plastic surgeon for his cleft palate and also the kidney doctor.  Probably the appointment we are most anxious to have is with the cardio team at CHOP December 30th to hopefully decide if the hole in his heart has closed, if it can be cathed or if he will need open heart surgery.  Please continue to pray with us that the hole closes, which would be a miracle!

If a day filled with appointments wasn't enough... formula leaked all over Leo and the car seat when the attachment came undone somehow.  Not sure how much of that feed he actually got and then for some strange reason at a later feed his pumps battery died so we had a difficult time finishing that feed as we were in the middle of a store when it happened. You would think these would be all good reasons to eat but Leo disagrees. The adventures of a feeding tube continue.

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