Saturday, July 13, 2013

Complacent or Crazy

A lot of times we (including myself) can become complacent in our lives. So the question is how do we not fall into the trap of complacency? I believe part of the answer lies not only in following God's directions for our lives and fulfilling His commands but also in accepting some challenges that come across our paths especially ones that might just seem a little crazy.

Over the past 2 years, Jeremy, Amanda and more recently Tyler have taken to training for and running in various 5k races. The training has been a time for them to get one on one time with dad, do something that they enjoy, and be active. My role has been to basically take care of the other kids so training could occur and watch the littles during race day. As I recently told both Jeremy and my sister, I am an excellent cheerleader and organizer- not so much into actively participating.

God had another plan. I am not exactly sure how, but in some crazy twist of events, I registered to participate in the Mudderella.

Description from website- “Mudderella events are world class, 5-7 mile long obstacle courses designed by women. With 12 - 15 obstacles, these courses will test your stamina and willpower.”

Keeping in mind, I am out of shape, have never ran and really dislike exercise- I have questioned why I am participating in this event. The thing is, I am not in this alone. I am part of Team Determination. A group composed of 9 people so far- 7 women, 2 men.

 I can't speak for my teammates but I am going to make an observation. There seems to be a theme among our team and that is that most if not all have chosen not to be complacent in their lives. They have chosen to challenge themselves and live lives that many would consider hard and even crazy.

 I just want to highlight one team member. She and her family are living what many would consider a crazy life. They have committed themselves to serving in Kennsington in Philadelphia. Kennsington would not be considered a safe neighborhood. It is considered the inner city. A very poor neighborhood filled with violence. This teammate volunteers there with neighborhood kids at least two times a week. She is there numerous other times participating in the local church. They don't just sweep into the community to help, but rather they have made themselves members of the community building relationships and friendships. Their life is anything but complacent. They are an example to me of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these.

 Team Determination is made up of women and men who have chosen that they want to push themselves. They want to do something crazy and get in shape in the process. The majority on our team would not consider themselves athletic. Most of us are not in the best of shape, but that doesn't matter because we know we can do this. We know with hard work we can push ourselves to the limit and accomplish what look like impossible obstacles.

Right now as a family we are in a holding pattern. Praying and waiting for God to reveal what our next step should be as a family. God is moving and some things are beginning to take shape, but it would also be easy to fall into a state of complacency and not move out of it. That would be a sin. So what do we do during this waiting period? We will be praying for God's direction, we will be involved in some local ministry opportunities, and for me personally I will be participating in the Mudderella. I will be pushing myself farther physically and mentally then I ever have before. I will be training with an awesome team. I believe completing this event will help prepare me for what God has next. If we are going to do hard for God, we not only need to be prepared spiritually and mentally but we also need to be prepared physically and so this week I began my Mudderella boot camp!

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