Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ben turns 8 and a Romantic Get a way!

 Ben turned 8 on Monday!  He was so excited as he received a drum set for his birthday.  He also started drum lessons with a college student this Tuesday.  We will just say I have never seen Ben sit so still and concentrate so hard as he did during his half hour lesson.  
 Traditional breakfast in bed!

 Jeremy and I had the greatest opportunity to go away- just the 2 of us this past weekend. We met up with our bestest friends, Carrie and Chris. We had a wonderful time. It was such a relaxing time.  Jeremy and I were able to reconnect and talk without being interrupted.  It was really a much needed time for us as a couple.  We are forever indebted to Mom-mom for moving in and taking over all of our duties at home so we could go away. She had awesome help in Lauren, Amanda and Pop-pop.  Mom-mom left our house extremely tired Sunday night.  We are hoping she forgets how tired she was by next year so we get to go again!
 Not totally planned, but the only weekend we could all go away just happened to be my birthday.  A delicious edible creation was delivered to our room. Thank you, Mom-mom!!!
We went to the romantic city of  Scranton, PA.  Nothing fancy.
Carrie and I hit the thrift stores and Kohls and the guys saw Iron Man.
Good food, lots of Ritas, card playing and just being together as a couple and friends.
 Carrie and I have been friends since college.  
We won't say how many years that has been.
I am so thankful for her friendship and treasure it.
We both got a basic pedicure, which led to many laughs.

I know some couples, who won't go away without children. That just doesn't make sense to me. God first, marriage second, children third. If my marriage tank is not full, then I can't give effectively to my children. My marriage needs to be nurtured. For us that means getting away and spending a day or two together without children. Getting away strengthens our marriage and I am so thankful that we have the family support to be able to do it.

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