Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lots of little things

A quick update on Leo:  It is so ironic to hear people say how big Leo is getting.  Yes, he is getting "bigger" developmentally. Yes, he has lost his "baby" look and now looks like a big boy.  But, sadly, no he is not gaining weight.  In fact he has lost a little in the last month.  We are once again changing his eating to include a few more calories which will hopefully help him gain.  I fear we are now battling the balance of his activity level which is at an all time high and his calorie intake. 

Leo has also developed a temper, which is kinda funny.  As I type he is sitting in the high chair eating and yelling at me.  He wants to get down and go with his brothers.  Everytime one of them walk past he yells a little louder and looks at them like- hey, help me out here and get me down.  

He did well at his swallow test yesterday.  It was determined that he can safely swallow.  He just needs to learn how to swallow.  He is tending to hold food/liquid in his mouth and this is what is putting him at risk for aspirating.  Our wonderful speech therapist went to the appointment with us and was able to watch the test and is now formulating a game plan to get Mr. Leo eating. 

May is a busy month.  Two days after my birthday it is Ben's!  Ben turned 7 this year and celebrated with a mini golf party.  He started his day with breakfast in bed.

 Ben and his buddies.
 Jordan "helping" his ball in the hole.

 The boys enjoy building creations that they are able to
sit in.  They built this one especially for Leo.

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