Monday, March 19, 2012

The question I have been waiting for...

I knew someday Jonathan would ask this question

"Mom, am I the only one in the world with just one leg?"

Last week we were at Shriner's. They x-rayed his good leg and saw it looked great, after the x-ray he got to pick a toy. He picked the largest truck they had in the wagon. We then met with the team of doctors who of course asked him about wearing his prosthetic. He told them that he liked his leg a lot. I refrained from yelling- "Liar, Liar, pants on fire!" He did admit that his leg makes him slow. The upside- since we came home last Monday, he has been wearing his leg. He even figured out how to ride his scooter with his leg! In May, Jonathan will be going to a 1 day event down at University of Penn. The goal of the day to teach him how to run with his leg. The physical therapist at Shriner's told me that the guy in charge of the clinic who will be working with the kids is the best in the field. She is even going to the event b/c she said she learns something every time she works with him.

At this point, even if he doesn't learn how to run, for that one day he will learn that no, he is not the only one in the world with just one leg.

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